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The Lyric Exchange

The Lyric Exchange is a music company commited to delivering products that enhance the way we experience our music. Coming soon to an Android or IPhone near you!

Samuel Yates

  • Whitney Young High School Alumni ('09)
  • Expressive Artists Intern ('09)
  • The Starter League Alumni ('13)
  • DePaul University Undergrad (current)

CEO and Co-Founder of The Lyric Exchange, Samuel Yates is dedicated to crafting products that improve your music experiences. Samuel finds great value in the power of shared music. "We want to create a stadium where music is shared and enjoyed by the mass." The musician, artist, student, and entrepreneur currently resides in Chicago, IL

Sam Yates
Dominic Sanchez

Dominic Sanchez

  • Rio Grande Alumni ('09)
  • Expressive Artist Intern ('09)
  • Conservatory of RecordingArts &Sciences Alumni ('11)

Co-Founder of The Lyric Exchange Dominic Sanchez is an Albuquerque, New Mexico native, currently located in Chicago, IL. With a technical education in music production, Dominic Sanchez has observed several ways in which simple applications can make all the difference. "We here at team TLE have developed solutions to provide better consistency, when it comes to experiencing your music!"