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TLE functions as both a record label and software company with the mission to merge music and technology at the intersection of humanities.

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Zauve New Record

Debut EP "OSOS"

Available July 2015


Founder: Sam Yates

Founder: Sam Yates

Samuel Yates, aka SammytheSamurai, STS, is the Co-Founder & CEO of The Lyric Exchange. Samuel has roots in both Albuquerque, NM and Chicago, IL. The former athlete graduated from Chicago’s Whitney Young High School and is currently a student at DePaul University in Chicago. In 2009, Samuel interned at Expressive Artists, a music management enterprise based out of Albuquerque, NM. After high school he also spent his time studying HTML, CSS, JAVA and other programming languages, and is since then a 2013 Starter League alumni. Samuel is an artist across many mediums, but harnesses much of his immediate focus into music and design. Samuel is a songwriter/producer who draws inspiration from the likes and sounds of Motown and BadBoy Records, two of his all time favorite labels. In the realm of technology, Steve Jobs is his most influential icon. “The idea is to create music and products that connect us to one another more often than not, using the most intuitive and innovative methods possible. For the sake of the music that you love to listen to and share with others, we welcome you to The Lyric Exchange. We exist to improve upon your physical and digital experiences concerning the essence of music.”

Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson

Recognizing an artist's vision for a song or an entire album is something Nick is very adamant about because he knows that it is up to the producer to bring an artist's idea or rough song to life while maintaining the initial intention of each project. Continually challenging himself and others he works with is a constant theme you'll find when you step in his studio.

Chris Neustedter

Christopher Neustedter

California native who has spent most of his adult life shaping and crafting his skill as a musician, producer, and business professional. He spent his earlier years mostly as a musician, playing drums and guitar daily in a small band. It was when he began recording his first album with his bandmate Nick Johnson that he discovered his passion for music production.